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I really like the idea of intros with your braclets, so that is what I am doing!!

going from left to right top to bottom
Libra symbol, I heart ebay, retangle mood, husband heart wife, grapes and wine, I heart cocacola, monarch buttefly, artist pallet, double butterfly, Orlando Bloom, Libra, Moon with Stars, Guiding Light, Y&R, and Opal, Fat white Kitty (oracle), Skinny Black kitty (Athena), Lord of the Rings, Legolas, Maragritas, Karaoke, I heart to sing, Music lover, pink ribbon (breast cancer awareness because of my mom I am MORE aware!!, Domestic Goddess, heart to shop, Laura (that's me), a dasiy as in Dasies (that is me too!), sexy brunette, sun, I heart charms, Mona Lisa (cause I love that davnci fella ) Angels, Stary night (LOVE van goth) and BIG L. I have two blanks and I have 4 charms to fill in with... I don't know if I am going to put them in or not... I might leave them blank a while longer. Considering starting another single for my other wrist.... Anywho that is my charm braclet brought to you almost entirely from Ebay!! I have a few that were gifts from elsewhere...
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